The Broad Place

At Home Weekend Retreat Pack


The Broad Place

At Home Weekend Retreat Pack


The total value of the At Home Weekend Retreat pack is $139 and is a special price just for you of $99!!

It's not a frequent enough occurrence that we have the time to take ourselves away from the world, to revive and nourish and shed off the stresses of modern day living. We are so fortunate at The Broad Place to play a part in the role of people renewing themselves, in that we spend time taking people through transformative programs that upgrade their lives. It has been on our minds that geography, proximity, time, finances and other factors like families make it impossible for most people to escape the modern, busy world to come away with us. So if this if you, we created a carefully curated The Broad Place At Home Weekend Retreat Program just for you, so that you can replenish and take the time to bring the best version of yourself to the world after a weekend cocooned away. 

We have created this rejuvenating At Home Weekend Retreat so is that there is enough flexibility there for you to tailor it just to you. You can trim out parts, add in elements and customise it to you with the foundation we have created. Creating your bespoke At Home Weekend Retreat is something you can plan briefly or something you can invest a month or more in. Creating your own personal weekend retreat at home is an extremely liberating and important exercise that I encourage you to do at least once a year. This doesn’t have to be over a weekend, you can choose any three days that you have clear in order to reset your mind and body.

This pack includes;

-  The Broad Place Kapha Dosha Balancing Tea, to ignite and kick start your days valued at $29

The Broad Place Rooibos Chai Tea to soothe your evenings valued at $29

The Broad Place Copper Tongue Scraper, considered one of the most important cleansing Ayurvedic tools  valued at $19

The Broad Place Copper Drinking Vessel, which is a stunning way to stay hydrated throughout your retreat knowing you’re reducing the toxins in your environment valued at $39

- AND a complete At Home Weekend Retreat E-book valued at $15 which contains an entire weekend retreat program including recipes, a Clarity Session and top tips throughout to keep you on track and motivated to make the most of your time for yourself!

The At Home Weekend Retreat spans 3 days and nights, taking into account the first day will be a work day (e.g. a Friday). The e-book is beautifully designed, spans 25 double pages and includes

- preliminary preparation ideas and plans

- healthy recipes for each meal and a meal plan including our famous Ayurvedic Cleansing Kitchari, The Broad Place Spiced Chai, Green Mung Bean and Coconut Pancakes and more

- ingredients/shopping list for ease of sourcing

- our special The Broad Place Clarity Session meditation

- a meal, meditation and movement plan (let's get that body gently moving!)

- daily tools and thinking to get you progressing and upgrading your life

As a bonus we have included top tips throughout to keep you on track and motivated to make the most of your time for yourself!

Our At Home Weekend Retreat is incredible value, and once completed you can recharge with a day of the Retreat again at any time to reset body and mind.  

This is also makes the perfect gift for someone you know who deserves a little extra care and attention.