The Broad Place is a modern, thoughtful approach to conscious High Grade living. We provide education, platforms and products through this rich philosophy.

High Grade Living is having the absolute best of everything. The richest experiences, the most intriguing and nourishing relationships, a curious and intelligent mind, travelling to experience wonderous things and staying home to experience wonderful things. High Grade Living doesn’t mean striving and pushing for luxury and premium. High Grade Living is about letting the low grade fall away. About saying no to low quality on every level. By only accepting High Grade, we  find we already have it, it was just muddled up in so much low grade around it. You begin by accepting only the best. 

This philosophy is the focus of our product and we have designed and sourced everything to embody integrity, simplicity and everydayness. When using something daily, it must be of the most elegant and simple nature, and of the highest quality. We don't believe in 'saving the best for special occasions', rather for us, every day is a special occasion. We design and source for what we view as the non-negotiable categories in our lives; Meditation, Rest, Balance, Feast, Cleanse, Inspire, Travel and Vocation.